3 Key Issues Scaffolding Companies tend to have

The use of scaffolding Birmingham has been recognized widely by manufacturers and contractors, and they are continuously making efforts that would help them with renting appropriate scaffolding for their residential or construction project. However, when working with scaffolding providers, the companies tend to go through the following processes for making sure that the scaffolding is right for you. If your scaffolding provider refuses to take the following measurements then, you should steer clear from them at all costs:

Risk Assessment

The scaffolders and sub-contractors are responsible for assessing the risks to scaffolding, and taking the required measurements for eliminating those risky factors. Every assessment session should be recorded and the assessment should be reviewed by an experienced professional at fixed intervals. The assessment process should be simple, and it should cover all the factors to ensure the peace of a client’s mind.


One of the primary reasons for risk assessment is based on reducing the risks associated with the scaffoldings. It requires an inspector to recognize the risks and organize the plan to make it implementable, and take suitable precautions for avoiding a said situation. A certified supervisor should take complete accountability for enforcing precautions in a construction’s site.

Method Statements

Method statements are known as the types of recordings that are conducted and evaluated by a team of experts. It discusses the hazards involved in the process, and it reflects on the precautions that should be taken for avoiding any mishap on the construction’s site.

The statement should be simple and to-the-point, and it should cover the essential factors for the achievement of the objectives that are mentioned above. If it is necessary then, the scaffolding contractors should also include simply sketches in the said method statements.